Historical Data

Learn how the Blockdeamon API Suite provides access to historical data for selected blockchain protocols.

The Blockdeamon API Suite provides access to historical data for selected blockchain protocols via:

  • Blockdaemon REST API historical data: Using custom indexers.
  • Blockdaemon RPC API historical data: Using archive and full history nodes.

This allows you to interrogate the complete history of transactions on supported protocols.

Supported Protocols and Networks

The table below shows the full list of supported protocols and networks for which historical data is available.

ProtocolNetworkHistorical Data
AlgorandMainnetFull History
Arbitrum OneMainnetFull History
Arbitrum OneSepolia TestnetFull History
AvalancheMainnet-cFull History
AvalancheTestnet-cFull History
BaseSepolia TestnetFull History
BitcoinMainnetFull History
BitcoinTestnetFull History
Bitcoin CashMainnetFull History
Bitcoin CashTestnetFull History
CeloMainnetPartial History
CosmosMainnetPartial History
CronosMainnetFull History
DogecoinMainnetFull History
DogecoinTestnetFull History
EthereumMainnetFull History
EthereumHolesky/Sepolia TestnetFull History
FantomMainnetFull History
FantomTestnetFull History
KusamaMainnetPartial History
LitecoinMainnetFull History
LitecoinTestnetFull History
NEARMainnetFull History
Genesis block: 9820210
OptimismMainnetFull History
OptimismSepolia TestnetFull History
PolkadotMainnetFull History
PolygonMainnetPartial History (from block 40700000)
PolygonAmoyPartial History
Solana MainnetFull History
SolanaTestnetPartial History (last ~70000 blocks)
StellarMainnetMainnet Full History (genesis block: 1)
TezosMainnetMainnet Full History
XRPMainnetPartial History (last ~666666 blocks)

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