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In this section, you'll find key specifics related to NEAR, including staking, bonding, slashing risk, rewards distribution, and more:

Minimum Staking AmountTo become a NEAR validator, your staking transaction must exceed the protocol's seat price, determined by the total NEAR tokens staked by other validators.

The current seat price is 26,418 NEAR.
Bonding TimeNone.
Unbonding TimeNEAR's unbonding period is 45-60 hours or approximately 4 epochs. Once this period is over, non-vested tokens become transferable.
Slashing RiskNEAR currently doesn't have slashing risk at the network level, but this may change in the future.
Staking Rewards DistributionRewards are added to the staked amount every epoch (about every 15 hours) and can be claimed manually by initiating unbonding.
Staking Rewards CompoundNEAR staking rewards are compounded automatically.
Inflation RateNEAR’S inflation rate is currently at 5% minus transaction fees. As the network's usage grows, this can result in negative inflation within the protocol.

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