Stake ATOM

Learn how to stake ATOM with your connected wallet.

This article provides a brief guide for staking ATOM using the Cosmos (ATOM) Dashboard.


Important Notes:

  • The minimum stake amount is 1 ATOM.
  • When staking ATOM, your rewards are not automatically restaked. In order to restake rewards you must go through the withdraw rewards flow followed by the stake flow.
  • Ensure to have enough ATOM in your connected wallet to cover gas fees.

Follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1. Access Cosmos (ATOM) Dashboard

  1. Go to Staking > Stake In-App menu.
  2. Select Stake from the Cosmos protocol.



Ensure to connect your wallet before staking.

Step 2. Stake Your ATOM

  1. Enter the staking amount. This will update the values in the Transaction Summary box.
  1. Click Stake to proceed.

Step 3. Confirm the Transaction

Complete the below steps to complete staking ATOM:

  1. Sign the transaction in your wallet.
  2. Wait for confirmation. The transaction is being confirmed by the Cosmos Network.
  1. Transaction complete. View your updated Total Staked on the dashboard.

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