Stake ETH In-App

Learn how to stake ETH to Blockdaemon's public validator.

This guide walks you through staking ETH with Blockdaemon's validators using the Blockdaemon app.


Important Note:

When staking Ethereum on Blockdaemon, you can use smart contracts to enable batch deposits and reduce gas costs. This smart contract has been externally audited and is deployed on the follow networks. Please ensure that you are interacting with the below contracts when you stake:

  • Ethereum Mainnet: 0x3F124C700fb5E741F128e28985267D44f56B242F
  • Ethereum Testnet: 0x6D144323aED2326255e9cE36a429ad737a1ccE37

Follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Access Ethereum Staking

  1. Go to Staking > Protocols menu.
  2. Select Stake from the Ethereum protocol.
  1. Click on Start Staking within the Staking option.

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet

  1. Click Connect Wallet.
  1. Choose the desired Network from the available options.
  1. Connect your wallet from the available wallet options.
    1. This action takes you to your wallet account and dashboard, where you'll be prompted to connect to the Blockdaemon app.
  1. Your wallet information and details of your Staking Configuration will be displayed at the top of the page.

Step 3: Stake ETH



  • Ensure you have enough balance to cover the gas fees.
  • Review all staking details before proceeding as addresses cannot be changed after validators have launched.
  1. Specify the staking amount using the slider.
  2. Set the Fee Recipient to receive transaction fee and MEV rewards (if enabled). The default address displayed in the Fee Recipient field will be the fee recipient address you set up with your Customer Success Manager during your account setup. If you did not set up an address with your Customer Success Manager the default address will be your connected wallet address.
  3. Set a Withdrawal Address to receive rewards and withdraw your staked ETH. Rewards include protocol, transaction fee, and MEV rewards (if enabled). The default address displayed is your connected wallet address.



Please ensure the fee recipient and withdrawal addresses are correct, as they cannot be changed after validators have launched.

  1. Click on Add Addresses to set different withdrawal addresses for each validator.
  1. Click Stake to proceed.
  2. Review and confirm all the staking details.

Step 4: Confirm the Transaction

  1. Preparing the validators for deployment.
  1. Sign the transaction in your wallet.
  1. Your transaction is now broadcast and being confirmed on the network.
  1. Once the network confirms the transaction, your ETH validator(s) are deposited. You can view them in the Ethereum Staking Dashboard. It may take 1-3 days for the validators to become active and start earning rewards, depending on the protocol activation queue.

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