The Blockdaemon Staking API simplifies and streamlines institutional cryptocurrency staking. This API allows developers to interact with blockchain networks and perform various staking-related operations, such as delegating and undelegating tokens, in a single, unified interface.

It provides a simple, programmatic way to interact with multiple blockchain networks and perform staking-related actions. The API supports multiple blockchain networks and is accessible via RESTful API endpoints.

With the Staking API, you can quickly and easily build and deploy applications that automate staking activities and increase efficiency in your blockchain operations.

Solve Your Institutional Staking Problems With the Staking API

  • Stake multiple cryptocurrencies via a single endpoint - No need for complex integrations.
  • Streamline your Ethereum transaction signing process.- It outputs a single unsigned transaction to fund up to 100 ETH validators - just sign once and broadcast.
  • Agnostic transaction signing - Use whichever custodian you choose.