Simplify and streamline institutional cryptocurrency staking with the Blockdaemon Staking API.

The Blockdaemon Staking API simplifies and streamlines institutional cryptocurrency staking. This API allows developers to interact with blockchain networks and perform staking-related operations in a unified interface, such as delegating and undelegating tokens.

It provides a simple, programmatic way of interacting with multiple blockchain networks and performing staking-related actions. The API supports various blockchain networks and is accessible via RESTful API endpoints.

With the Staking API, you can quickly and easily build and deploy applications that automate staking activities and increase efficiency in your blockchain operations.

Solve Your Institutional Staking Problems With the Staking API

  • Stake multiple cryptocurrencies via a single endpoint - No need for complex integrations.
  • Streamline your Ethereum transaction signing process.- It outputs a single unsigned transaction to fund up to 250 ETH validators - sign once and broadcast.
  • Agnostic transaction signing - Use whichever custodian you choose.


API limits

Please note that there is an API limit of 240 requests per minute on all Staking API endpoints

Use Cases

The Staking API generates rewards faster and with more control, simplifying and accelerating your business processes while helping the underlying blockchain protocols. It gives you a single API for core staking services. Here are a few of its use cases:

🚀 Accelerate Your Business Processes

The Staking API accelerates your business processes through automation. A standardized and trusted API automates transaction signing and enables easy scaling up of validator nodes on Proof-of-Stake networks.

🏗️ Simplify Institutional Staking

The Staking API simplifies your delegation process by automating transaction creation.

🪙 Launch and Fund 100 ETH Validators With a Single Transaction

Reserves one or more available validators and returns an unsigned transaction. The validators will remain reserved for 90 days or until the returned transaction is signed and confirmed in the network. Blockdaemon reserves the right to free any allocated resources if the transaction is not confirmed in time.

Requests containing two or more validators will be routed through the Blockdaemon batch deposit to reduce gas costs.

⏳ Stake SOL with a Single Call and no Time Limit

Users can stake their SOL tokens with minimal effort without worrying about time limitations or complex staking procedures. This provides a hassle-free way for users to participate in the network's governance and receive rewards for contributing to the security and stability of the Solana blockchain.

🚧 Deactivate staked SOL

Request deactivation transactions that will be executed against available addresses. The API will automatically select which stake addresses need to be deactivated to satisfy the request.

This operation may split some of the stakes to ensure the exact amount will be deactivated. If there are not enough available funds, it will produce deactivation transactions for all stakes.

🔄 Withdraw staked SOL

Request withdrawal transactions that will be executed against available deactivated accounts. You can request more than the currently unlocked funds, in which case the API will execute a partial withdrawal, which will be indicated in the response.

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