Introducing Blockdaemon-Animoca Oracle, transforming cross-chain transactions for easy swaps and transfers.

1. What is LayerZero?

LayerZero is an interoperability protocol that enables communication between blockchains, transferring data, assets, and information without compromising security.

With LayerZero's omnichain messaging feature, developers can send arbitrary data, external function calls, and tokens while maintaining complete autonomy and control of their applications. Additionally, LayerZero provides developers with a choice of validators known as decentralized verifier networks (DVNs).

2. What is a LayerZero DVN?

The Blockdaemon-Animoca Oracle is a DVN available to developers building on LayerZero. Its job is to verify cross-chain messages. DVNs work with Executors to verify and confirm transactions, respectively.

Two of the main requirements (per chain) for running the Blockdaemon-Animoca Oracle DVN:

  • Deploy and maintain balances in your contract.
  • Implement and operate a system that verifies data from chain A to chain B.


Choose Blockdaemon for best-in-class security and total piece of mind.

3. Blockdaemon-Animoca Oracle

Blockdaemon contributes to verifying and securing messages sent through the LayerZero protocol. In addition, Blockdaemon is collaborating with Animoca Brands to provide a joint DVN solution. This partnership will combine the strengths and expertise of both companies to improve cross-chain capabilities and effectively support decentralized applications (dApps).

In general, the Blockdaemon-Animoca Oracle verifies the authenticity of data across blockchains. As a verifier, Blockdaemon ensures the accuracy and security of information exchanged between chains.

What makes Blockdaemon Oracle best-in-class?

🛡️ Verified and Increased Security

Blockdaemon-Animoca Oracle is the First and Only (to date) joint DVN, including 2 trusted signers to increase security. Blockdaemon is ISO27001 certified, and our data centers are SOC 2 compliant.

🧑‍💻 True Web3 Expertise

Since 2017, we have managed nodes and oracles on over 50 protocols and maintained a strong R&D team specializing in blockchain interoperability (see our latest publication).

🛠️ Scalable Support:
Blockdaemon manages over 150,000 nodes for the largest institutions, ensuring stable and consistent network performance with continuous 24/7 support.


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