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In this section, you'll find key specifics related to Ethereum, including staking, bonding, slashing risk, rewards distribution, and more:

Minimum Staking AmountThe solo staking minimum is 32 ETH, while the minimum deposit for pooled or staking-as-a-service varies by the exchange or wallet service.
Bonding TimeIt depends on the activation queue.
Unbonding TimeIt depends on the exit queue.
Slashing RiskWhen a validator is slashed, 1/32 of their staked Ether is immediately burned. Then, a 36-day removal period starts, when their stake gradually bleeds away.

At the midpoint of this period, an additional "correlation penalty" is applied based on the total staked Ether of all slashed validators in the preceding 36 days.
Staking Rewards DistributionReward payments are automated for active validator accounts holding a maximum effective balance of 32 ETH in Ethereum staking.

These rewards are distributed approximately once a week and vary based on factors such as the amount of staked ETH, staking duration, inflation, and more.
Staking Rewards CompoundETH 2.0's staking mechanism does not involve compounding rewards, meaning users cannot earn interest on their interest.
Inflation RateThe annual Ethereum supply is limited to 18,000,000, leading to a decreasing inflation rate. In 2022, Ethereum's inflation reduced from 1.10% to 0.51% in the first quarter.

Over time, Ethereum aims to balance newly issued ETH and naturally burned or lost ETH.

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