Blockdaemon & Polkadot

Learn how Blockdaemon supports Polkadot access.

Blockdaemon’s Polkadot Delegation Process

With the controller account’s permission, a staking proxy account can sign for the controller account in staking and governance votes but not transfer funds. At any time, the controller account can replace its staking proxy account.

Polkadot era rewards are validator proportional, not stake proportional. By staking with us, you don’t have to set Blockdaemon as a proxy. Where Blockdaemon is designated as a staking proxy for you, we apply best practices to balance nominations efficiently with the intent to maximize your rewards. Blockdaemon provides no guarantees on rewards earned through its best efforts.

Secure validator nodes

PoS networks are heavily dependent on network participation and validator integrity. Blockdaemon makes it easy to run your own dedicated validator node or stake your tokens to Blockdaemon’s validators to earn participation rewards. With regional and data center diversity and node redundancy, Blockdaemon takes an engineering 1st approach to provide best-in-class uptime. We have deployed over 1,000 full nodes – making us the most battle-tested provider in the node infrastructure industry.

Failover Safeguards

Blockdaemon has manual failover with a trained and battle-tested team to eliminate risk of double signing. Blockdaemon manages all of this for you automatically, so you don’t have to worry about staying online, in sync, and up to date. Just follow our easy delegation instructions for your preferred protocol, and monitor your balance.

Enhanced monitoring

Blockdaemon monitors all machine and protocol metrics with 24/7 human and automated monitoring to avoid downtime-related slashing. With engineers distributed globally, protocol-specific failover strategies are in place to eliminate the risk of double-signing, and hot-spare and fully-synced backup nodes exist for fast recoveries when needed.

Slashing Guarantee

If slashing does occur due to any fault on the part of Blockdaemon, we ensure 100% loss coverage. However, Blockdaemon does not cover slashing losses that result from network malfunctions, as these are outside of our control.