Stake NEAR

Learn how to stake NEAR with your connected wallet.

This article briefly guides staking NEAR using the Blockdaemon app - NEAR Dashboard.


Important Notes:

  • Ensure you have enough NEAR to pay a gas fee.
  • The minimum stake amount is 1 NEAR.
  • When staking NEAR, your rewards are automatically restaked until you decide to unstake them. Your funds are staked to the following addresses:
    • Vote account address: blockdaemon.poolv1.near.
    • Validator public key: 8e2922ee58ed8f6c5533e144...cc81ece428193950f05a0263.

Follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1. Access NEAR Dashboard

  1. Go to Staking > Stake In-App menu.
  2. Select Stake from the NEAR protocol.

Step 2. Connect Your Wallet

  1. Click the Connect button under Connect Wallet.
  1. This will bring up a pop-up with a QR code. Select your preferred wallet to connect your wallet. Follow the steps with your chosen wallet.
  1. Upon successful connection, you'll see Wallet Connected and the wallet's information at the top of the page.

Step 3. Stake Your NEAR

  1. After connecting your wallet, enter the staking amount. This will update the values in the Transaction Summary box.
    1. NEAR is a unit used to measure the transaction fee (gas fee) on the NEAR network.
  1. Click Stake to proceed.

Step 4. Confirm the Transaction

A transaction is created. This process generates an unsigned transaction transferring designated NEAR tokens from your wallet to the NEAR network.

Your wallet will notify you that you have a pending signature - you need to accept this in your wallet.

Step 5. Transaction Complete

Congratulations, you have staked NEAR powered by Blockdaemon! 🎊

View your validator address and its total staked on the NEAR dashboard.



Your stake actions may not reflect immediately on the dashboard as data is updated every 24 hours. Check back later to view your updated position.

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