๐Ÿ‘‹ Welcome to the Blockdaemon API Suite!

This guide will walk you through the steps to quickly run our APIs. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Sign Up for a Blockdaemon Account

Please refer to the guide here for more information on creating your Blockdaemon account.

Step 2: Start with a Free Plan

After signing up, you'll be automatically enrolled in our Free Plan. This plan grants you access to a free API key, allowing you to test our endpoints. However, please note that this comes with limited unit usage and experience.



Refer to the API Suite overview for more details.

  1. Go to the API Keys page.
  2. Under the Overview tab, you'll find your free API key that you can use to test the API endpoints.

Step 3: Upgrade for Enhanced Features

Upgrade to our Starter Plan through our hassle-free API Checkout!

โ“What You Get with Our Starter Plan

  • Customizable Solutions: Create your own solutions by choosing from our extensive range of API products.
  • Multiple API Keys: Create additional API keys for a more efficient and improved API experience.
  • Dedicated Support: Get support and assistance from our team.
  • Scalable Demand: Increased or decreased usage to manage your demands.



Learn more in the Subscription Management page.

Upgrade via API Checkout

  1. Go to the Subscription page and click the Upgrade button.
  1. Choose the product(s) that meet your needs.
    1. Under the Usage & Plan Details, the pricing table will be displayed once you select the product.
    2. At this stage, the system will display the corresponding amount to be paid in the Subscription Summary box.
  1. Customize your custom solutions from our API product(s) by clicking the Customize button.
    1. Choose the API product(s) you'd like. Each selected product will add an additional cost and affect the total price.
  1. Review your subscription page before proceeding to payment.
    1. Your subscription will automatically renew every year.
    2. You will be charged the applicable rate on each renewal until you cancel your subscription.
  2. Complete the payment process to unlock features in the Starter Plan.
  1. Subscription and checkout are complete.

๐Ÿ‘‹ Need Help?

Contact us through email or our support page for any issues, bugs, or assistance you may need.