Solana Protocol Info

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In this section, you'll find key specifics related to Solana, including staking, bonding, slashing risk, rewards distribution, and more:

Minimum Staking AmountNo minimum for SOL stakers, but the initial deposit for staking SOL varies by exchange or wallet.
Bonding TimeOne full epoch before staked SOL starts to earn rewards.
Unbonding TimeThe unbonding period is 2 - 4 days & 1 epoch.
Slashing RiskOn Solana, slashing is not automatic.

If an attacker halts the network, they can be slashed upon restart.

When a validator is slashed, both the token holders and the validator suffer losses – token holders lose a portion of their delegation, and the validator's total delegation decreases.
Staking Rewards DistributionSolana staking rewards are paid every 2-3 days, issued in the following epoch's first block, and automatically re-delegated as an active stake.
Staking Rewards CompoundSolana staking rewards are compounded automatically.
Inflation RateThe Solana inflation/emission rate will start at 8% and decrease by 15% annually until it reaches a long-term inflation of 1.5%.

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