Stake ETH via BitGo

A step-by-step guide on how to stake ETH via BitGo.

The video below shows how to stake ETH using the BitGo dashboard through Blockdaemon.

Check the detailed steps below for an in-depth guide:

🚧 Prerequisite

Before you start, make sure to do the following:

  1. Set up your BitGo account and ensure it's loaded with ETH tokens.
  2. Reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to inform them that you want to stake with Blockdaemon. This will ensure that your Enterprise account is set up properly, and you'll be staking with a Blockdaemon validator.

Step 1. Navigate to Your Ethereum Wallet

  1. Log in to your BitGo account.
  2. On the left-hand menu, click on Wallets & Connections.
  3. Choose your Ethereum wallet.
  4. View the wallet details, including:
    1. Total balance available for staking.
    2. Your current staking position in the staked section.

Step 2. Stake ETH

  1. Click on the Stake tab.
  2. You'll find a list of various assets. For this guide, we'll stake ETH.
  3. Click Start Earning to start staking.
  4. Choose the asset you wish to stake and the Wallet.
  5. Ensure that you are staking with the Blockdaemon validator.
  6. Enter the amount of ETH you wish to stake.

❗️You need a minimum of 32 ETH for ETH validators and to cover gas fees.

  1. Click Initiate Stake to start the transaction.

Step 3. Confirm Transaction

  1. Go to the Activity tab to track any pending notifications or confirmations required for your stake.
  2. Wait a while, then you must Sign the transaction. This requires your wallet password and 2FA details.
  3. Monitor the transaction confirmation on the BitGo dashboard and the Ethereum block explorer.



  • For validators, note that only a certain number can join the active set during each epoch. During times of high demand, you may encounter a queue.
  • If you wish to unstake, follow the same steps as staking, but click on the Unstake option this time.

👋 Need Help?

Contact us through email or our support page for any issues, bugs, or assistance you may need.