Create Your Blockdaemon Account

Access a multichain API, launch blockchain nodes, stake directly from the app, view staking dashboards, and more.

Creating a Blockdaemon account is free, quick, and easy. A Blockdaemon account is your portal to simplified blockchain access.

  • Instant and scalable blockchain access.
  • Deploy hosted nodes for 50+ protocols.
  • Access Staking Dashboards.
  • Stake directly from our app.

Sign up for free today by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 - Visit the Blockdaemon Web App

Visit the Blockdaemon web app.

Step 2 - Sign Up Using Your Preferred Method

You can sign up for a Blockdaemon account using the following methods:

  • Google
  • GitHub
  • Email

Step 3 - Complete Your Profile

Complete your profile by entering your name and choosing an image (Optional).

Step 4 - Create a Workspace

  1. To create a new workspace, just enter a Workspace Name and enter an image (optional).
  2. Select from the boxes to let us know what you plan to use Blockdeamon for.

Step 5 - Invite Members to Your Workspace (Optional)



You can invite team members now, or skip this step and invite them later if needed.

It's easy to add members. You need to:

  1. Click the Invite Members button.
  2. Enter their email addresses on the Invite Members page.
  3. Click Send Invites.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your Blockdaemon account. 🎊

👋 Need Help?

Contact us through email or our support page for any issues, bugs, or assistance you may need.