Withdraw MATIC

Learn how to withdraw MATIC from a single transaction.

This guide explains how to withdraw MATIC using a single transaction. Currently, you can only withdraw the entire available amount in a single transaction.


Key things to note:

  • Polygon is staked on the ETH network so a user needs to have sufficient ETH to pass gas fees in their connected wallet
  • Minimum stake amount: 1 MATIC
  • All available MATIC must be withdrawn at the same time - It cannot be withdrawn in increments.

Follow these steps:

Step 1. Access Polygon (MATIC) Dashboard

  1. Go to Staking > Stake In-App menu.
  2. Click on the tile or the arrow () at the top right of the Polygon protocol.
  1. Click on Stake Actions, and choose Withdraw.

Step 2. Withdraw MATIC

  1. The Confirm Amount field will be pre-populated, and all available MATIC must be withdrawn in a single transaction.
  2. Click Withdraw to proceed.



In scenarios where your available balance is made up of multiple unstaked transactions, each transaction needs to be signed separately.

For Example: You unstaked 2 MATIC on Monday and 1 MATIC on Tuesday. If you wish to withdraw on Friday, you must withdraw the entire 3 MATIC and sign this as two separate transactions.

Step 3. Confirm the Withdrawal

Creating a transaction involves generating a new unstake intent for full withdrawal. Sign the transaction in your wallet to approve the withdrawal.

Step 4. Transaction Complete

Your withdrawal has been initiated. The specified MATIC amount will be withdrawn to your wallet when confirmed on the chain.

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