Understanding the Dashboard

A detailed breakdown of Blockdaemon's SOL Staking Dashboard.

The SOL Staking Dashboard provides useful snapshot information for several Solana wallets.

The Dashboard displays the following 4 key widgets and options:

  • Wallet Status
  • Current Price
  • Balance
  • Wallets
  • Download Report

Further information on each widget is provided in the following sections.

Current Epoch

Shows the current Solana epoch and the progress towards the next.

Current Price

Market data showing the current price of SOL.

Hover states reveal price trends over a 30 day time period.


The total balance in SOL and USD.

Hover states reveal a breakdown by Principle and Rewards.


Showing Top 5 Wallets, this has column sorting enabled.

You can expand the table to show details for all wallets by clicking on the Show all Addresses button.

Download Reports

Download the reward data for multiple wallets in a single .csv report.

Click the top button and choose between 3 units of time Day, Week, or Month:

  • Day will show each wallet’s reward data on a daily basis.
  • Week or Month will show the summary of the wallet’s rewards for that time period.