Learn how to stake MATIC with your connected wallet.

This article provides a brief guide for staking MATIC using the Blockdaemon app - Polygon (MATIC) Dashboard.


Important Notes:

  • Staking on Polygon requires ETH for gas fees in your connected wallet.
  • The minimum stake amount is 1 MATIC.

Follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1. Access Polygon (MATIC) Dashboard

  1. Go to Staking > Protocols menu.
  2. Select View Dashboard from the Polygon protocol.
  1. Click on Stake Actions, and choose Stake.

Step 2. Connect Your Wallet

  1. Click the Connect button under Connect Wallet.
  1. Choose Network from the available options. In this case, we choose Goerli.
  1. Connect your wallet from the available wallet options. In this case, we use MetaMask.
    1. This will take you to your wallet account and dashboard, where you will be prompted to connect to the Blockdaemon app.



If you do not see your desired wallet, click All Wallets.

  1. Upon successful connection, you'll see Wallet Connected and the wallet's information at the top of the page.

Step 3. Stake Your MATIC

  1. After connecting your wallet, enter the staking amount. This will update the values in the Transaction Summary box.
    1. GWEI (Gas Price in Gigawei) is a unit used to measure the transaction fee on the Ethereum network. If your network fee is very small, it will be displayed in GWEI on your dashboard.
  1. Click Stake to proceed.

Step 4. Confirm the Transaction

A transaction is created. This process generates an unsigned transaction transferring designated MATIC tokens from your wallet to the Polygon network.

  1. Sign the transaction in your wallet (We use MetaMask in this example).



If the user rejects the transaction or the wallet connection fails, the Wallet Signature may result in a failed response. Click the "Try Again" button to retry and overcome this issue.

  1. Wait for confirmation, as the transaction may still be broadcast to the Polygon network.

Step 4.1. Conditional Step for New MATIC Validators

If you're staking MATIC for the first time, you must bootstrap your wallet for Polygon's delegation process. This step involves signing a bootstrap transaction of $0 in your wallet to approve the connection.

Step 5. Transaction Complete

Congratulations, you have staked MATIC powered by Blockdaemon! 🎊

View your validator address and its Total Staked on the Polygon (MATIC) dashboard.



Your stake actions may not reflect immediately on the dashboard as data is updated every 24 hours. Check back later to view your updated position.

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