Learn all about Celo nodes.

Celo is a mobile-optimized blockchain offering an accessible suite of financial tools to anyone with a cellphone.



Mobile users can download a Celo light client which connects with full nodes in the network. This makes Celo ideal for low-power and low-bandwidth mobile devices.

These full nodes receive fees for forwarding transactions to validator nodes on behalf of mobile users. To enable this, Celo has created a complete stack of new blockchain software. While the code has a shared ancestry with Ethereum, Celo differs in important areas from consensus to use cases, as we will explore in this blog post.

Celo boasts a lightweight identity layer which lets users securely identify and transact with others based on their contacts’ phone numbers.

Attestations is a function that allows users to verify their phone number for a small fee. This process will verify the ownership of a phone number, linking it to the user. Attestations then verify and install mapping for the phone number to a user’s account.

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