The Blockdaemon ETH Staking Dashboard and Reports make it easy to keep track of ETH validator performance.

Are you staking to multiple ETH validators?

The ETH Staking Dashboard lets you access vital information about your staked ETH tokens from a single location.


Access information from up to 3000 validators in a single staking dashboard.

Why You Need the ETH Staking Dashboard

With the ETH Staking Dashboard, you can quickly analyze the performance of up to 3000 validators, including:

➡️ Goerli Testnet & Ethereum Mainnet support

➡️ Monitor up to 3000 validators

➡️ Mass adding via a list of validator public keys

➡️ Download CSV file report

  • This month / last month
  • Daily/weekly/monthly aggregation

➡️ Summary dashboard page showing

  • Validator status aggregation
  • Eth price history (last 30 days)
  • Total value (balance of collateral + rewards)
  • Top 5 validators + “Show all addresses” for complete list

➡️ A detailed list of all validators

  • Validator index and public key
  • Rewards (month-to-date): Protocol, MEV, Transaction fee & Total rewards
  • Current balance & USD value
  • Validator Status: Pending, Active, Slashed, Exited, Withdrawal
  • Activation & Exited date

Ethereum Rewards Dashboard & API details

  • Rewards are gathered directly on-chain and aggregated to daily/weekly/monthly tables at the end of each day (00:30 UTC) to aid performance (no epoch-level data)
  • Rewards are only visible after the daily aggregation (not intra-day).
  • Weekly/monthly CSV downloads of the current month will show rewards up to the day before, allowing a week/month-to-date view.
  • In rewards API, “status” now corresponds to detailed onchain status, while Dashboard & Report download offer aggregated granularity for easier visual understanding (see table here).