Learn how to keep track of your SOL wallet performance via Blockdaemon SOL Staking Dashboard.

The Blockdaemon SOL Staking Dashboard and Reports make it easy to keep track of SOL wallet performance.

Are you staking to multiple SOL wallets?

With the SOL Staking Dashboard, you access vital information about your staked SOL tokens from a single location.


Blockdaemon centralizes everything you need in a robust enterprise-grade SOL staking dashboard.

Why You Need the SOL Staking Dashboard

With the SOL Staking Dashboard, you can easily analyze the performance of multiple wallets, including:

  • Individual Wallets Statistics (Reward Amount, Account Address, etc)
  • Export Report Data (from multiple wallets in a single .csv file)
  • Principal and Reward Account Values (SOL & USD)
  • A 30 Day Graph of SOL Prices
  • Current Epoch progress

Real-time Reporting

The SOL Staking Dashboard provides real-time reporting on the latest Solana epoch. This data is updated every epoch, which is roughly every 2.5 days.