Stake ETH on Fireblocks Using WalletConnect

Discover how to fund an ETH Validator on Fireblocks with WalletConnect, powered by Blockdaemon.

The steps below show how you can stake ETH on Fireblocks with the Blockdaemon Staking API using WalletConnect and the Blockdaemon App.

Step 1. Whitelist the Blockdaemon Staking Address and Batch Staking Contract

  1. The mainnet and testnet contract addresses are in the Blockdaemon app.
  2. To whitelist the staking addresses, log in to your Fireblocks account, select Whitelisted Addresses from the left-hand menu, and then enter the whitelisted addresses.

Step 2. Connect Your Blockdaemon and Fireblocks Accounts via WalletConnect

  1. Open your Blockdaemon app.
  2. Go to Staking > Stake In-App menu.
  3. Click Stake on the Ethereum protocol.
  1. Click Connect Wallet.
  1. Choose Network from the available options.
  1. This will bring up a pop-up with some wallet options. You can connect via multiple wallets, such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Fireblocks. Click Fireblocks to connect your wallet.



If you do not see Fireblocks, click View All.

  1. Scan the QR Code with your phone or continue in a new browser tab.
    1. This will take you to your Fireblocks account and dashboard, where you will be prompted to select your vault.
  2. Under the vault section account, choose the vault where you will be staking your Ethereum.
  3. Select the Ethereum network you want to stake on.
  4. Click the blue Connect button.

Step 3. Stake Ethereum with the Blockdaemon App

  1. Navigate back to your Blockdaemon app > Stake Ethereum page.
  2. Select the number of validators you would like to reserve. Each validator is equal to 32 ETH.



Ensure you have enough balance to cover the gas fees.

  1. Set the fee recipient address for your staked ETH.
  2. Specify the withdrawal address for your staked ETH with the chosen Fireblocks vault address here.



Please ensure the address is correct, as it cannot be changed after validators have launched.

  1. Check that your details are correct, and click Stake in the Order Summary box.
  2. Click Confirm to check and confirm withdrawal credentials to start the signing process.

Step 4. Approve the Transaction in the Fireblocks App

  1. The API will now broadcast your transaction on the Ethereum network. This is shown by the “Transaction broadcasting in progress” message.
  2. Open the Fireblocks app on your phone.
  3. Select View to approve the transaction. Then, enter your PIN code in the Fireblocks app. You will be prompted to validate via biometric authentication.
  4. This will approve the transaction and broadcast it to the Ethereum network.

Step 5. Check for Confirmation

  1. Switch to the Stake Ethereum page in the Blockdaemon app.
  2. You will need to wait for the transaction to be confirmed, as it could still be broadcast to the Ethereum network. This can take a few minutes.
  3. You can periodically check your Fireblocks Ethereum balance to see when it decreases to the correct amount and when the transaction is near completion.
  4. While in progress, you can monitor the transaction by clicking a link under the Transaction Broadcasted section. This will open in a new tab in Beaconchain / Etherscan.



Once the transaction reaches 100 confirmations, it will be confirmed and finalized.

  1. Once the block containing your transaction is finalized, you know that the transaction was successful and you have entered the validator queue to begin staking.

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