Celestia Protocol Info

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In this section, you'll find key specifics related to Celestia, including staking, bonding, slashing risk, rewards distribution, and more:

Minimum Staking Amount1 TIA.
Bonding Time-
Unboding Time21 days.
Slashing RiskThe risk of slashing arises when double signing occurs, potentially resulting in a 2% loss of stake.
Staking Rewards DistributionStaking rewards are generated and distributed through transaction fees and inflation. Transaction fees are collected and distributed to stakers, while the inflation rate increases the total supply.
Staking Rewards CompoundCelestia staking rewards are compounded manually.
Inflation RateThe initial rate is set at 8% per year and decreases by 10% each year until it hits a stable rate of 1.5%. Currently, it stands at 7.98% (As of Nov 2023).

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