Token Guide

Dive into Portara's dual-token approach that revolutionizes staking rewards with sETH-h and rETH-h.

Portara currently uses a dual-token approach. Staking with Portara results in two tokens, sETH-h and rETH-h.

  • sETH-h: Represents the underlying staked position. Exchangeable 1:1 with ETH.
  • rETH-h: Represents rewards generated by the staked validators. Exchangeable 1:1 with ETH.

Using an example to illustrate:

  • Assuming you have staked 10 ETH, which has generated 1 ETH in rewards, then you will have 10 sETH-h and 1 rETH-h.

Trading and Liquidity

One of the biggest draws of liquid staking over traditional staking has always been the avoidance of bonding/unbonding periods via secondary market liquidity.

Portara has solved for scalable, institutional-grade liquidity by partnering with B2C2, (B2C2, Blockdaemon, and StakeWise Liquid Staking Partnership ), one of the largest and most reputable liquidity providers in crypto. Since the launch of our partnership in February, B2C2 has been servicing institutions' staked ETH liquidity needs via their OTC platform.

👋 Need Help?

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