Explore Blockdaemon's security-first infrastructure approach ensuring your liquid staking experience is safe and reliable.

Blockdaemon has a security-first Blockchain infrastructure mindset (ISO Security - Blockdaemon). Blockdaemon’s ISO 27001 certification recognizes the implementation of a gold-standard information security system across the entire Blockdaemon platform, compliant with one of the most rigorous international standards.

Blockdaemon’s infrastructure approach can be split into four broad levels:

Layer 1: Infrastructure

Blockdaemon’s infrastructure is built for global security. We use only the best Tier 3 data centres globally. We protect your nodes with 50+ terabit DDoS, ensuring bad actors can’t impact your rewards by taking your nodes offline.

Layer 2: Manual Failover

Our world-class engineering teams deliver manual failovers when necessary. Our engineers manually intervene in failover procedures using our internally documented runbooks. This manual intervention mitigates the risk of double-signing associated with automated failovers.

Layer 3: Constant Monitoring

Our team of engineers constantly monitors all protocols we manage. Our finger is always on the pulse of every node. We take care of all node updates, ensuring uptime even as blockchain protocols evolve.

Layer 4: 100% Slashing Insurance

Blockdaemon’s slashing insurance offering protects our customers from the downsides of blockchain staking slashing events.

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