How to Stake LPT (Livepeer)

Discover how easy it is to stake LPT tokens via Blockdaemon in this step-by-step guide.

Livepeer is a scalable platform-as-a-service for developers who want to add a live or on-demand video to their projects. LPT is the native token for the Livepeer Network.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to stake LPT using the MetaMask browser extension. Note that the staking process is non-custodial, which means that you are in full control of your private keys.

Here’s how to stake your LPT tokens:

Step 1 – Connect a Compatible Wallet to The Livepeer Explorer

  • To stake LPT you will need a Livepeer compatible wallet and LPT tokens available. For this guide, we are using the MetaMask browser extension wallet.
  • Install the wallet and/or deposit your LPT tokens as needed.
  • Once your wallet has been set up, visit the Livepeer explorer.
  • Click the Connect Wallet button.
  • You will be given a list of Wallet types.
  • Select MetaMask and follow the instructions to connect your chosen MetaMask account.
  • Once connected to MetaMask, you will be prompted to switch networks from Ethereum to Arbitrum.
  • Click the Switch to Abritrum button.
    • This will display the Allow this site add a network screen in MetaMask.
    • Click the Approve button in MetaMask.
    • Click the Switch network button in MetaMask.
    • This will take you back to the Livepeer Explorer.

Step 2 – Use a Bridge to Import Your LPT Tokens into the Arbitrum Network

  • As Arbitrum is a layer 2 network, you will need a bridge to import your tokens from your layer 1 wallet account.
  • Go to the Arbitrum bridge page.
  • Here you will be prompted to choose a compatible wallet to connect.
  • Click on MetaMask.
  • This will open MetaMask at the Connect With MetaMask screen.
  • Select the MetaMask account you used in Step 1.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Connect.
  • This will take you to the Arbitrum One Bridge page.
  • Select the Layer 2 Balance: radio button.
  • Click the Token: Eth button.
  • This will open the Select Token pop-up.
  • Enter LPT in the text Search by token name, symbol, L1 or L2 address field.
  • Click the Import button associated with the LPT Livepeer Token.
  • This will open the Import known token pop-up.
  • Click the Import token button.
  • You can now see your Layer 1 LPT balance in the Arbitrum One Bridge window.
  • Enter the amount of LPT you want to transfer to the Arbitrum network in the Enter amount here field (or click max amount to transfer all of your LPT).
  • Click Deposit.
  • This will open the Depositing to Arbitrum pop-up.
  • Click the Move Funds to Arbitrum button.
  • This will display the Allow this site add a network screen in MetaMask.
  • Click the Approve button in MetaMask.
  • Click the Switch network button in MetaMask.
  • This will take you back to the Arbitrum One Bridge page.


Please Note!

You may be required to wait a short time while your transaction is processed.

  • Once your transaction has been processed MetaMask will open on the Give permission to access your LPT? screen.
  • Click Confirm if you are happy with the transaction fee and want to transfer your tokens to the layer 2 Arbitrum network.
  • The Abitrum One Bridge will now show your approval has a status of pending.
  • After a few seconds, the approval status will change to success.



So far, you have only approved that you are able to transfer your LPT to Arbitrum. You will now have to confirm the ETH gas fee to complete the transfer to the Arbitrum network.

  • Click the Confirm button if you are happy with the gas fee shown in MetaMask.
  • You will now see the deposit-l1 transaction is pending.
  • Shortly after, You will see the deposit-l2 transaction is pending.
  • Once the deposit-l2 status changes to success, your tokens will have been successfully transferred to the Arbitrum network.
  • Your Layer 2 Balance will now show your imported tokens.

Step 3 – Import Your Livepeer Tokens into Your Wallet Account

  • For this step, you will need to copy your Layer 2 token address.
  • In the Arbitrum One Bridge page, click on the Token address: text string under Layer 2 Balance.
  • This will open the Arbiscan page for the contract.
  • Here you need to copy the Contract address. To do this, click the associated copy icon.
  • Go to your MetaMask wallet and switch the network to Arbitrum.
  • Click Import tokens in the Assets tab.
  • Paste the contract address into the Token Contract Address field in MetaMask.
  • Click the Add Custom Token button in MetaMask.
  • Click the Import tokens buttons.

Step 4 – Import Ethereum Tokens into the Arbitrum Network

  • In order to stake LPT you also need to bridge some ETH to the Arbitrum network. This ETH is needed to pay the relatively small staking fee.
  • In your Arbitrum One Bridge screen, change the token back to ETH.
  • Enter the amount of ETH you want to transfer. For this example, we are transferring 0.000608 ETH.
  • Click the Deposit button.
  • The will display the Depositing Eth to Arbitrum pop-up.
  • Click the MOVE FUNDS TO ARBITRUM button.
  • You will need to authorize this in MetaMask and pay a small gas fee.

Step 5 – Delegate Your Livepeer Tokens (LPT) to Blockdaemon

  • Go back to the Livepeer Explorer
  • Click Switch to Arbitrum in the pop-up.
  • Follow the MetaMask steps to switch networks.
  • Click Orchestrators in the Livepeer Explorer left-hand menu.
  • This will display the list of Orchestrators.
  • Enter Blockdaemon in the Search Orchestrators and Delegators field.
  • Select Blockdaemon from the list.
  • This will display the Blockdaemon orchestrator details.
  • Enter the amount of LPT you want to delegate to Blockdaemon.
  • Click the Delegate button.
  • This will take you to MetaMask.
  • If you’re happy to delegate to Blockdaemon, confirm the transaction and gas fees in MetaMask.
  • You will then see the Waiting for Confirmation pop-up.
  • This will be followed by the Delegating LPT pop-up.
  • Finally, you will see the Confirmed pop-up.

Congratulations! You have successfully delegated your LPT and are now actively participating in the Livepeer network. 🎊

Check out our LPT staking walkthrough video:

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