The Blockdaemon DeFi API provides a comprehensive interface for interacting with a multitude of DeFi projects and blockchains. It offers a standardized API for performing various financial operations and accessing crucial DeFi data, streamlining the development process for decentralized applications.



The cost and speed of transacting with blockchain-based systems are varied and may change significantly at any time, resulting in price and fee fluctuations. The actual prices and fees may vary from the information shown. We currently only support Stargate bridge. Other bridges may have different prices and fees.

Features include:

💰 Asset Management

  • Swap tokens on EVM-based blockchains.
  • Swap and transfer assets across different blockchains (cross-chain transfers).

📈 Token Information

  • Retrieve data about various supported tokens.
  • Retrieve token prices in real time.

📃 Transaction Status

  • Monitor and fetch the status of transactions made against the DeFi API (e.g., for swaps).

🪛 Typescript SDK

  • We also provide a typescript SDK that you can use here.

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