Post Stake Intent

Creates an unsigned transaction that will attach a Blockdaemon's proxy account to the specified controller account. This will allow Blockdaemon to nominate on behalf of the customer and to continuously optimise the nominations of the controller account in order to achieve the best possible rewards.

The attaching will take place as soon as the user signs and broadcasts the transaction to the Polkadot network.

Example (for the Westend network): - Submitted:
- controller_address: 5CF33r36TUbcSz4KxXo5ApzAW9Dtf8EkfvTQppiEEd9HfAZ6

  • Returned:
    • proxy_address: 5FEPMjDLQd4Yyf8Dg7WSNVWSU36T1rXCcq1ph6HkW1YpNs5e
    • unsigned_transaction: 0xa4041601008c16e19e94328985d65cb7e3245213892730dd0e841f6511478cb12f23a178330100000000