Use Cases

Access all the NFT related information you need with the Blockdaemon NFT API.

The Blockdeamon API Suite makes NFT data easy. You can access all the necessary information through these simple API endpoints. Activities that used to take time and effort become quick and effortless.

Let's have a look at some use cases of NFT API.

Rapid NFT Ownership Verification

Verifying NFT ownership is crucial in many situations; these include:

  • Establishing legitimacy ahead of a transaction.
  • Checking which NFTs you or your organization owns.
  • Integrating NFTs into an application.

NFT Ownership Verification Isn’t Straightforward

Blockchains provide an immutable NFT ownership or possession record, but NFTs generally point to additional off-chain information. There are a number of steps involved in interrogating the smart contract and then finding the associated off-chain data (artwork, etc.). These steps can be complicated and time-consuming, especially if you need to carry them out multiple times.

The Blockdeamon API Suite Provides Quick and Easy Ownership Verification

With the NFT API, you can rapidly verify:

  • Which NFTs a given wallet owns?
  • Which account owns a given NFT?
  • Off-chain data associated with an NFT (Image/details).

Easy NFT Explorer Development

NFT explorers play an increasingly important role in many technology solutions. They provide visualization of on-chain assets, linked off-chain artwork, and metadata.

NFT explorers are a vital component within:

  • NFT Marketplaces
  • Play-to-receive and web3 games
  • NFT Galleries
  • Artist Portfolios
  • …and more

Traditionally, NFT Explorers Require Prohibitive Build Effort.

NFT data is massive and constantly growing and spread across many web2 and web3 sources. Getting access to these sources is a non-trivial activity. Maintaining up-to-date information only adds to the complexity.

The Blockdeamon API Suite Makes NFT Explorer Development Easy.

Blockdeamon API Suitedata is always up-to-date and rapidly available. A single interface provides all NFT data, both on-chain and off-chain. All NFT data is stored by Blockdaemon, removing any IPFS-associated lag.

Seamless NFT/Social Media Integration

Increasingly, users want to display NFTs via their social media accounts. This presents a number of technical challenges for social media providers, the most important of these are:

  • How to verify ownership of an NFT?
  • How to get the image associated with an NFT?
  • How to create exceptional user experiences?

Linking NFTs to Social Media Accounts Adds Complexity.

Providing innovative and effective social media platforms already requires significant effort and activity. Providing NFT support adds multiple layers of engineering and process complexity.

The Blockdeamon API Suite Removes Social Media/NFT Complexity.

The Blockdeamon API Suite provides a ready-made solution to streamline NFT integration. Providers can easily check ownership and quickly download images. Social media companies can develop exceptional user experiences with our simple and straightforward API.

Convenient Access to NFT Analytics

The ability to extract key analytics is important for any organization dealing with NFTs. Analytics provide insights into

  • NFT minting trends
  • NFT trading trends
  • NFT activity correlated with world events or social media
  • NFT activity correlated with ETH price or gas fees

Accessing NFT Analytics is Not Straightforward.

Key information can be spread across the entire blockchain. Extracting this data into useful and usable information is not easy.

The Blockdeamon API Suite Gives Easy Access to NFT Analytics.

The NFT API lets you easily extract key NFT information and gain valuable insights from the Ethereum blockchain.

Complete NFT Provenance Audit

Due to the immutable nature of blockchains, it is possible to track the full timeline of any NFT. This is useful for:

  • Verifying NFT authenticity by tracing it back to the mint event
  • Checking if someone ever owned a given asset
  • Checking if someone ever owned an asset from a specific collection
  • Finding out how many times a given NFT has changed hands

Extracting Provenance Data Can Take Time and Effort.

An NFT’s transaction history and corresponding events can be spread across many blocks. Trawling these transactions to extract information can be a painful exercise.

The Blockdeamon API Suite Provides a Full Provenance History.

With the NFT API, you can quickly and easily visualize the full ownership history for an Ethereum NFT.

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