Wallet Transact

Scale Your Wallet Operations with Indexed, Multi-Chain Infrastructure.

Access the ability to get point-in-time account balance information and keep track of pending transactions.

Why should you choose Wallet Transact?

  • You can equip your wallet applications with a full suite of operational functionalities.
  • You can use it with various protocols, including the leading market cap tokens.
  • You can make your transaction journey smoother from initiation to completion with enhanced cost-effectiveness and operational ease.

Who Should Use It?

💰 FinTech Companies

Enhance operational efficiency for FinTech companies and facilitate transactions across top digital assets.

🔁 Crypto-Native Exchanges

A trusted and secure digital wallet solution to provide users with a seamless trading experience.

🪙 TradFi & Crypto-Native Custodians

Remove digital asset transaction complexities, estimate fees accurately, and maintain real-time wallet balance visibility.

🏦 Banks

Empowers banks with rapid protocol integration and unmatched transaction management capabilities.


Explore our range of supported endpoints to meet your specific needs.

👋 Need Help?

Contact us through email or our support page for any issues, bugs, or assistance you may need.