Get the Protocol Rewards Processing Health

The status of reward processing, if optimal then all rewards data up to the indicated metadata fields are available the processing status is degraded if any of the following are true:

  • chainEpoch - lastProcessedInflationEpoch > 1
  • chainEpoch - lastProcessedStatusesEpoch > 1
  • if the lastProcessedSlot is over 20 minutes behind the chainSlot - note we run 10 minutes behind by design to alleviate any reorgs so this is a 10 minuate buffer on top of that
  • chainEpoch - lastProcessedMevEpoch > 1
  • if the lastProcessedMevTxTimestamp is older than 3.2 days, this is mainly as a check to see if the jito mev bot has paid out expectedly or not, not that our system is degraded

please note that mev rewards are allocated to the epoch they are paid out in not the epoch they are earned in

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