Compute Units Overview

Compute Units provide the most flexible way to access blockchain protocols and APIs.

Every API method across each Blockdaemon API consumes Compute Units.

Compute Units are a flexible way to measure the total computational resources, implementation effort, and value provided for each method.

Each Blockdaemon API method is allocated a Compute Units value relative to its computing intensity. For example:

  • eth_protocolVersion is a low-intensity transaction with a low Compute Unit value.
  • eth_estimateGas is more intensive computationally, giving it a higher Compute Unit value.

The following is a list of all the transaction categories and their associated Compute Units:

Transaction CategoryAssociated Compute Units
Batch QueriesCustom

By weighing each method, Blockdaemon can best match developers with the right level of service they need. Our API Dashboard allows you to track Compute Units usage over time easily.

The Blockdaemon API Suite tiers are based on your compute unit volume.



For details on Compute Units of specific endpoints, visit the relevant API sections:

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