Step 1. Get Supported Protocols and Networks

Check out a wide range of supported protocols and networks for seamless integration.

First, we need to get a list of supported protocols and networks that we'll be using to send and receive events. This can be done by using the Overview endpoint as shown below.

Request Payload

curl -X GET \
  "" \
  -H "Accept: application/json" \

Response Payload

The response is a JSON array containing objects that display a protocol overview.

    "match_variable_supported": true,
    "match_variable_types": [
        "source": "confirmed_balance,confirmed_tx",
        "variable_type": "address"
        "source": "block",
        "variable_type": "event_type"
    "network": "mainnet",
    "protocol": "polkadot"

Each object represents a protocol overview with the following fields:

match_variable_typesAn array of supported match variable types for the protocol.
sourceThe data that will be received for each variable_type.

For example:
- event_type will produce block event.
- address will produce confirmed_tx and confirmed_balance events.
variable_typeThe supported variable types.

In this case, we have options such as address and event_type. This implies that we can create variables later on and use them to match against address or event_type.
networkAssociated network (e.g., mainnet).
protocolProtocol name (e.g., polkadot, dogecoin, ethereum).

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