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RPC APIExecute RPC methods on 23+ protocols without the cost or risk of running your own node infrastructure.
BlocksGet blocks, block hashes, block numbers, and identifiers in a uniform format using one standardized call.
TransactionsRetrieve transactions by address and confirm transaction status, including input and outputs, for Bitcoin-based protocol transactions.
Balances & UTXOAccess account balances in a unified format for 15+ protocols and utilize access UTXO queries for Bitcoin-based protocols.
EventsStream on-chain events in real-time with webhooks to push notifications based on the customized events you want to monitor.
Fee EstimationAccurate predictions for transaction fees, with three estimates categorized as fast, medium, and slow.
NFT APISimplify NFT data integration with a one-stop solution for accessing collections, asset data, and events at scale.
Historical Account BalancesAccess past balance records for detailed financial history, essential for analysis and auditing.
Historical Token PriceRetrieve previous token pricing data for market trend analysis and investment strategy.

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