Polkadot API Overview

The Blockdaemon Staking API enables custodians and crypto-savvy traders to use a standardized and trusted API. This automates transaction signing and enables the scaling of the solution over time.

The Polkadot Staking API endpoints in this section allow you to create your stake and deactivation intents:

Supported Networks

The Blockdaemon Staking API supports the following Polkadot networks:

  • Polkadot Mainnet
  • Polkadot Westend

Proxy Account

Blockdaemon requires customers to set their controller accounts to be proxied to Blockdaemon, so Blockdaemon does not have access to the bonded funds in the stash.

Please note that by binding a controller account to the Blockdaemon proxy account, Blockdaemon will have the ability to nominate validators and perform select other tasks related to staking. Blockdameon cannot control or move your digital assets. Customers may revoke this bonding to the Blockdaemon proxy account at any time, with the understanding that such revocation will mean Customer must take action and will be fully liable for all actions, delegations to validators, etc.