Solana API Overview

While maintaining full custody of your Solana tokens, the Solana Staking API enables you to outsource the management of your Solana validators completely.

User Journey

In this section, you will find a typical user journey for Solana Staking Integration API:

  1. Staking
  2. Deactivation Intent
  3. Withdrawing Funds

1. Staking

Endpoint: POST Stake Intent

Solana Staking is initiated through the Post Stake Intent endpoint. The endpoint returns an unsigned transaction that must be signed and broadcasted to the network by the account providing the delegated funds to the validator specified in the request.

2. Deactivation Intent

Endpoint: POST Deactivation Intent

Deactivation of transactions can be requested against the available addresses. The POST Deactivation Intent endpoint will automatically select which stake addresses need to be deactivated in order to satisfy the request. The API returns two sets of transactions – splitting transactions and deactivation transactions. You must sign and broadcast the splitting transactions before the deactivation transactions.

3. Withdrawal Intent

Endpoint: POST Withdrawal Intent

This endpoint is used to request withdrawal transactions that will be executed against available deactivated accounts. If you request more funds than are currently unlocked, the API will return an error indicating the maximum possible withdrawal.

Remember that before the staked tokens can be withdrawn, they must first be deactivated.

You will receive at least one unsigned transaction (potentially multiple) that needs to be signed in order to complete the withdrawal.