One blockchain API to access multiple protocols. Blockdaemon provides Fully indexed API access to blockchain data using REST or WebSocket.

Blockdaemon offers powerful access to indexed multi-chain data in seconds as one of the only providers in the market to offer REST and streaming API. Blockdaemon REST API is a multichain blockchain access API. It provides a single API integration to access 15 protocols via node clusters immediately. The Blockdaemon REST API makes it easy to interact with multiple blockchains. The Blockdeamon API Suite provides a versatile multi-protocol abstraction layer. This includes:

  • Standardized protocol access in a unified format.
  • One Single REST API to query multiple protocols.
  • SDK support in multiple programming languages.
  • WebSocket for real-time streaming updates.

It lets you scale from zero to multiple blockchain protocols – quickly, easily, and securely. Blockaemon REST API enables customers to:

  • Read/write blockchain data across 15 protocols in a standardized format.
  • Access already indexed data across protocols and reduce the need for data modeling.
  • Save time & money with the least operational overhead and the fastest speed to market.


Used by:

  • Crypto-Native Exchanges
  • TradFi and Crypto-Native Custodians
  • Top 20 Global Banks
  • F500 FinTech Companies

Key Benefits

Scale Quickly & Save Money

Seamlessly expand to 15 protocols and adopt new ones 20x faster, all without the hassle of maintaining your infrastructure.

Boost Your Web3 Projects

Drive insights from blockchain data faster and enjoy zero downtime risk while accessing historical data at lightning-fast speeds.

Outpace Standard Nodes

Enjoy data retrieval speeds 10x faster than native node querying performance.

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