Discover Events and find out how it enables real-time data processing.

In a traditional API, customers request data from the blockchain using the API. This process involves continuous polling where customers request new blocks, transactions, and related information. The system retrieves data on demand, creating a continuous query process cycle.

Event streaming flips the interaction model by delivering blockchain events directly to customers. Currently, the delivery is limited to webhooks. Customers will have to register a webhook in order to receive blockchain events.

Blockchain events are delivered in near real-time as they happen on the chain. This enables an event-driven architecture where customers receive only the data they're interested in and only when relevant. Customers can control which events will be sent by event streaming. It works on a conditional basis that is reflected in the form of rules and variables.

Event Streaming has two conditions to receive events:

EventsConditionsSupported Event Types
Based on the Event TypeReceive events when a blockchain event of a specific type occurs.unified_block
Based on AddressReceive events when a blockchain event is related to a specific address.unified_confirmed_tx

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