BNB API Overview

Learn all about Blockdaemon's BNB Staking API.

BNB is composed of two blockchains:

  • BNB Beacon Chain (BC)

The BC manages the governance, staking, and voting activities on the BNB Chain. It uses Tendermint for consensus and builds app logic on the Cosmos SDK. BNB tokens can be staked only on the Binance Beacon Chain (BC).

  • BNB Smart Chain (BSC)

The BSC is an EVM-compatible blockchain component with consensus layers and hubs for multi-chains.

BNB API Overview

The BNB API allows you to delegate the management of your Binance tokens while retaining full custody of your BNB tokens.

To begin, users should hold the BNB tokens on the Binance Beacon Chain. If the user holds BNB solely on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), they can facilitate a cross-chain transfer to relocate their assets onto the Binance Beacon Chain.



Explore more details about the BNB Chain in the official documentation.

Supported Networks

The Staking API supports the following BNB networks:

  • Mainnet
  • Testnet (Beacon Chain)

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