Easily access staking information across multiple protocols with the Blockdaemon Staking Reporting API.

The Blockdaemon Staking Reporting API provides easy access to staking information across multiple protocols, including staking reports for financial data analysis.

The API provides programmatic access to staking data on blockchain networks, allowing developers to retrieve and monitor staking metrics and performance and receive notifications and updates on changes to the staking environment.

The API allows you to access validator status, rewards, performance, and other relevant metrics and information, including:

  • Staking reports for financial data analysis.
  • Current stake & rewards allocated to a given address.
  • Historic stake & rewards allocated to a given address.

Use Cases

Our Staking Reporting API removes the manual hassles you may face in accessing staking information from multiple protocols. Here are a few of its use cases:

💡 Daily Reward Rate Tracking

Staking Reporting API can track daily reward rates for staking activities. This can be useful for investors and staking service providers who want to stay up-to-date on the latest reward rates. Try out this endpoint to see how it works. You can try it out for multiple protocols.

💰 Estimated Reward Rate Tracking

With Staking Reporting API, users can track their estimated reward rate for their staked assets. This can help investors decide which assets to stake and for how long. Check out the Get the Historical Stake & Rewards of a Validator endpoint to learn how you can track PRR (Protocol Reward Rate). It can be tracked for multiple protocols.

✅ Performance Tracking for VC/hedge Funds

Top VC and hedge funds can use the Staking Reporting API to track the performance of their staking activities. This enables them to make informed decisions that maximize returns while providing valuable insights to investors. For example, this endpoint can retrieve the historical stake & rewards allocated by a user-defined Solana validator address.

📈 Reporting and Analytics

Staking Reporting API provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities for staking activities, empowering users to track their performance, returns, and areas for improvement. For example, you can use this endpoint to retrieve and track the current status of a list of nominator addresses.

⚙️ Risk Management

Staking Reporting API can also be used for risk management purposes, allowing users to monitor their staked assets and identify potential risks. This can help investors make informed decisions about their staking activities and mitigate potential losses.

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