Staking SDK

Learn how to get started with the Blockdaemon's Staking SDK.

1. Overview

Welcome to the Staking SDK documentation! This guide will introduce you to the Staking SDK, a powerful tool designed to support staking activities on the blockchain. The Staking SDK provides functionality for decoding and validating unsigned transactions returned by our staking APIs, empowering users to engage in staking, unstaking, claiming rewards, and more.

2. Empowering Users with the Staking SDK

The Staking SDK is a valuable companion for users engaging in staking activities. It offers a range of functionalities designed to simplify the handling of unsigned transactions, enhancing security and user experience. Here's how the Staking SDK can help you:

2.1. Decode and Validate Unsigned Transactions

The core functionality of the Staking SDK revolves around decoding and validating unsigned transactions. With the SDK at your disposal, you can take the unsigned transaction received from our staking APIs and seamlessly decode and validate its contents. This process ensures the transaction adheres to the expected format and structure, eliminating the risks associated with incorrect, malformed, and malicious transactions.

2.2. Trust in Open Source Libraries

We understand the importance of trust and transparency when it comes to staking. That's why the Staking SDK leverages open-source libraries to carry out its functions. Users can independently verify the code by relying on established open-source components and ensure that their staking activities remain secure. This approach empowers users with increased confidence, as they can verify the underlying SDK code themselves.

3. Getting Started

Now that you understand the Staking SDK and its benefits, it's time to explore its features in more detail. The technical documentation provides comprehensive instructions and examples on how to get up and running with the SDK in no time.

3.1. SDK Technical Documentation

Ethereum Staking SDK



It is important to thoroughly read the documentation and follow the guidelines provided to ensure proper integration and usage of the Staking SDK.

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