Retrieve historical token pricing data with Historical Token Price API

The Historical Token Price API helps you get past token prices. It's useful for checking how prices changed over time, which is important for knowing if you're making good investment choices. It is also perfect for compliance, reconciliation, and auditing for finance processes.

The Historical Token Price API is part of the Verify bundles.


You can authenticate your request by using your API Key either as a:

  • Query parameter (?apiKey=<YOUR_API_KEY>)


  • Header (X-API-Key: <YOUR_API_KEY>)



Refer to the Authenticate Your API Requests page for more details.

Endpoint Structure

The URL structure for Historical Token Price API endpoints is as follows.


All data will be accessible through the following API endpoints:

Get Tokens - GET /allowed_tokens/{chain_id}
Get Price - POST /quotes/{chain_id}

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