Use Cases

Solve your blockchain access problems with the Blockdaemon REST API.

Below are a few use cases of the Blockdaemon REST API.

⚙️ Fee Estimation

Minimize the cost and maximize the efficiency of your blockchain transactions with Blockdaemon's Fee Estimation feature. We provide precise predictions for transaction fees, ensuring you save time and money. This feature is available for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. For your convenience, each query returns three fee estimates, categorized as fast, medium, and slow.

⏰ Real-Time Event Streaming

Stay connected to the pulse of your blockchain operations with our Real-Time Event Streaming. We provide instant updates about transactions, token transfers, and smart contract events. This feature empowers you to respond quickly to market changes and manage your blockchain assets effectively.

👛 Wallet Transactions and Account Balances

Maintain a firm grasp on your blockchain finances with our Wallet Transactions and Account Balances monitoring feature. We offer real-time tracking of wallet activities and account balances, enabling you to oversee your financials easily and precisely.

💰 UTXO Balances

Blockdaemon REST API simplifies tracking Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXO). With this feature, you can efficiently manage your crypto assets by easily tracking transaction inputs and outputs per Bitcoin's UTXO model. We provide this data for any user-defined account address.

🪙 Native Token Balances

With Blockdaemon REST API, checking the balance of a native token across one or multiple addresses is as simple as making a single API call. It provides you with instant and accurate information about your token assets.

🏗️ Tx Construction and Broadcasting

Our advanced SDKs empower you to construct and sign transfer transactions with ease. Furthermore, with Blockdaemon REST API, you can broadcast signed transactions in a unified format across multiple protocols. If you prefer to work with a protocol's native format, our Native RPC API supports broadcasting transactions in that format.

⏳ Historical Data

For comprehensive blockchain data analysis, we offer access to historical data for selected blockchain protocols via Blockdaemon REST API. This feature uses custom indexers to deliver rich, in-depth information to guide your strategic decision.

👋 Need Help?

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