Chain Watch

Real-Time Blockchain Notifications.

Ensure real-time synchronization of your wallet and finance systems with on-chain events and stream data to your institution.

Why should you choose Chain Watch?

  • Gain immediate visibility into blockchain activities such as address activity, balance updates, transaction statuses, and new blocks.
  • You can subscribe to and receive alerts for wallet activities, transaction updates, and block confirmations.
  • You can use our subscription endpoint for prompt event notifications via webhooks.
  • Successful message delivery with our retry mechanisms and a buffer of ten thousand events.

Who Should Use It?

🏦 Major Financial Institutions

Monitor compliance and risk management related to on-chain activity.

🔁 Crypto-Native Exchanges

A trusted and secure digital wallet solution to offer users a hassle-free trading experience.

🪙 TradFi & Crypto-Native Custodians

Remove digital asset transaction complexities, estimate fees accurately, and maintain real-time wallet balance visibility.

💹 Trading Platforms

Receive real-time alerts to make instant decisions on trading platforms.


Explore our range of supported endpoints to meet your specific needs.

👋 Need Help?

Contact us through email or our support page for any issues, bugs, or assistance you may need.