Use Cases

Delve deeply into a specific blockchain network and access multiple blockchains quickly and easily with the Blockdaemon RPC API.

Access 470+ endpoints across 23 protocols, including EVM and non-EVM Chains, to connect directly to the protocol node, interact with extensive on-chain data flexibly, and build your web3 applications!

Information on Accounts, Blocks, Chains

Retrieve information on the chosen network, from a specific block, or on an address’ stored data on-chain.

Digital Asset Management

  • Verify Wallet Balances - Ensure they contain the expected digital assets
  • Monitor Incoming Transactions - Observe blockchain wallet balance changes to detect incoming digital assets.
  • Verify Outgoing Transactions - Our client monitors transactions to verify that digital assets have been transferred successfully.

Monitor On-Chain Events

View and understand events on the blockchain. Easily monitor changes in wallet balances and listen for incoming and outgoing on-chain transactions.

Read and Write Transactions

Send transactions between addresses, write on-chain data, and read blockchain address data.

Access Historical Protocol Data at Scale

Gain access to performant and cost-effective historical protocol data at scale. Use it to backtest financial models to provide better forecasting and much more.

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