Overview - Native API

Easily & quickly interact with on-chain data, broadcast transactions, and build applications with the Blockdaemon Native RPC API.

The Native API provides an enterprise-grade blockchain solution with REST and RPC access to 20-plus protocols. Get blockchain RPC API access to major protocols through their own native RPC APIs.

  • The RPC access API is a fast, flexible, and extensible source of data that requires a minimum time investment to access the most useful data with the least customization needed.

Interact with on-chain data, broadcast transactions, and build applications. We've developed Native access primarily to cater to the needs of developers and engineers. Leverage our platform to access historical blockchain data swiftly and build decentralized applications (dApps) with unmatched speed and reliability.


Used by:

  • Digital Asset Managers
  • Analytical & Accounting Firms
  • Crypto Native Platforms

Key Benefits

Instant node access without the overhead

Read & write transactions and query enriched data without dedicated infrastructure and associated costs.

Access to 22 Protocol APIs with a single subscription

Experience the most extensive coverage of protocols with mainnet and testnet access across 22 blockchains.

Battle Tested High Availability Deployments

Rely on our load balancing, monitoring, and failover mechanisms for a failure-resilient infrastructure and 99.9% uptime.