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Blockdaemon API Suite
Universal API

Interact with multiple blockchains through a single unified API format.

Native RPC API

Read and write to major protocols through their native APIs.


Access on-chain and off-chain Ethereum NFT Data.


Experience uncompromised connectivity, security, and performance with our dedicated Nodes as a Service.

Staking API

Automatically create validators and staking transactions.

Staking Reporting API

Access staking reports for the largest proof-of-stake protocols at one place.

Institutional Wallet App

Access comprehensive resources for navigating the Institutional Wallet no-code platform.

Institutional Wallet API

Interact with the Instituional Wallet API to easily manage multiple cryptocurrencies.

Builder Vault TSM

Start building a custom web3 wallet with ease using our proven MPC vault technologies.

Trusted by leading institutions, foundations, and businesses globally.

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