Understanding the Dashboard

A detailed breakdown of Blockdaemon's Ethereum Dashboard.

The Ethereum Dashboard provides useful snapshot information for thousands of Ethereum validators.

Further information on each widget is provided in the following sections.

1. Validator Status

Shows a summary graph of all your validators.

Hovering over the various segments of the ring, you can find more information on your validators' statuses (see also the ETH validator statuses page).

Use the validators table given below for more information on particular validators.

2. Current Price

Market data showing the current price of ETH.

Hover states reveal price trends over 30 days.

3. Balance

The total balance is in ETH and USD.

Hover states reveal a breakdown by Principle and Rewards.

4. Download Reports

Download the reward data for thousands of validators in a single .csv report (see detailed description).

Click the top button and choose this month's or last month's data and between 3 units of time aggregations:

  • Day will show each validator’s reward data daily.
  • Week or Month will show the summary of the validator’s rewards for that period.

5. List of Validators

See a detailed list of all validators (either auto-populated via Blockdaemon's staking API, app or added manually).
You can filter your validators by status or search for a specific validator from your list by its address.
To reorder the list, click on the column headers to sort ascending/descending by:

  • Validator index and public key
  • Rewards (month-to-date): Protocol, MEV, Transaction fee & Total rewards
  • Current balance & USD value
  • Validator Status (hover for detailed on-chain status): Pending, Active, Slashed, Exited, Withdrawal
  • Activation & Exited date



Our reporting API reports full UTC days, as shown in the responses.

"timeStart": "2023-05-02T00:00:00Z",  
"timeEnd": "2023-05-02T23:59:59Z",

Beaconchain seems to consider each day going from UTC-1. This often causes small differences between our numbers because different collections of epochs are summed.

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