Understanding the Dashboard

A detailed breakdown of Blockdaemon's Cosmos (ATOM) Dashboard.

The Cosmos Dashboard provides useful snapshot information for thousands of Cosmos validators.

Further information on each widget is provided in the following sections.

1. Connect Wallet

Connect your wallet and view your balance in ATOM and USD. This feature improves the user experience as you need to connect to your wallet when you open the dashboard to perform staking actions.

Here's how to connect your wallet;

  1. On the dashboard, click on the Connect Wallet.
  1. Connect your wallet using the available options.
    1. This action directs you to your wallet account and dashboard, where you'll be prompted to connect to the Blockdaemon app.
  1. Once connected successfully, you'll see your wallet's information at the top right of the dashboard.

2. Total Staked

The total amount staked from the connected wallet. Values are displayed in ATOM and USD.

3. Available Rewards

The available rewards accrued over time by the validators. When rewards are withdrawn, the reward balance resets to zero. Values are displayed in ATOM and USD.

4. Cosmos Details

This section provides the Estimated Protocol Rewards Rate (PRR), current token price, and the unbonding period.

5. Pending Withdrawals Table

The table shows the current on-chain status of your transaction. When it changes from pending to complete, the funds will be settled in your wallet, and the transaction will be removed from the table.

It includes the following information:

  • Validator Addresses.
  • Withdrawal amount in ATOM & USD values.
  • Unstake date.
  • Completion date.
  • Withdrawal status: Complete or Pending.

6. Action Items

In this section, you can take specific stake actions such as:

  • Stake.
  • Unstake.
  • Withdraw Rewards.

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