Portara Economics

Portara enables the user to earn staking rewards equivalent to traditional staking. As aforementioned, liquid staking is traditional staking but provides an I.O.U. token to be traded freely. MEV is enabled and so the user is able to earn rewards from both the consensus and execution layer.

Consensus Layer

  • Validators receive rewards when they conduct duties governed by the consensus layer, such as attesting/proposing blocks and participating in sync committees.
  • Penalties and slashing can be applied to validators on the consensus layer, which is socialized across the entire pool.

Execution Layer

  • Priority Fee: Refers to optional additional fees (for example, it may refer to EIP-1559) paid directly to validators in order to incentivize them to include a given transaction in a block.
    • Varies depends on network activity.
    • Period of high activity results typically results in higher priority fees.
  • Maximal Extractable Value (MEV): MEV refers to the value captured by validators by proposing blocks that contain a certain order of transactions as determined by searchers/builders.
    • Transaction ordering allows those in a block-building process to extract value and share it with those in the value chain.

Portara applies an 8.0% reward fee that is split amongst node operators and various other stakeholders.