How to Stake OSMO (Osmosis)

Discover how easy it is to stake Osmosis OSMO tokens via Blockdaemon in this step-by-step guide.

Osmosis is an advanced AMM protocol built using the Cosmos SDK that is designed for cross-chain asset transfers. It leverages the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol, the Cosmos standard for blockchain interoperability.

Follow the steps below to stake your Osmosis OSMO tokens:

Step 1 – Your OSMO Wallet

  • To stake OSMO, you will need an Osmosis wallet ( and OSMO tokens available. For this guide, we are also using the Keplr wallet. This is an extension for various browsers, including Brave and Chrome.
  • To start the process, sign in to your Osmosis wallet and click the Assets menu options.
  • Transfer your ATOM tokens to OSMO as needed, then click the Stake button.
  • This will take you to the Active Validators page.

Step 2 – Choose the Blockdaemon Validator

  • Search for the Blockdaemon validator using CTRL+F (Windows) or Command-F (Mac) and typing Blockdaemon.
  • Click Manage > in the right-hand column of the Blockdaemon validator row.
  • The Blockdaemon validator pop-up window will be displayed.
  • Click the Delegate button.
  • The Delegation Amount pop-up window will be displayed.

Step 3 – Set Your Delegation Amount

  • Enter the amount of OSMO you want to stake in the Amount to Delegate field.
  • Click the Delegate button.
  • This will reopen your Osmosis wallet.

Step 4 – Set Stake Amount

  • If you are happy to delegate your OSMO to Blockdaemon, click the Approve button.
  • This will take a few seconds to process.

Congratulations. You are now participating in the Osmosis network. 🎊

Step 5 – View Your Staked OSMO (Optional)

  • You can now view your staked OSMO on your wallet Dashboard.

Check out our Osmosis staking walkthrough video:

Interested in running your own Osmosis Validator? Send us a message to get started.