How to Stake GLMR (Moonbeam)

GLMR is the native token on the Moonbeam blockchain. Learn how easy it is to stake Moonbeam GLMR using Blockdaemon in this step-by-step guide

Moonbeam is a developer-oriented parachain that strives to provide compatibility with the existing Ethereum developer toolchain and network. It does this by providing a full EVM implementation, a Web3-compatible API, and bridges that connect Moonbeam to existing Ethereum networks. GLMR is the native token on the Moonbeam blockchain and is easy to stake with Blockdaemon.

Follow the steps below to stake Moonbeam GLMR:

Step 1 – Connect Your Wallet to Moonbeam

  • To stake GLMR, you will need a Metamask or WalletConnect wallet and GLMR tokens available.
  • To connect your wallet to Moonbeam, navigate to
  • Moonbeam will prompt you to connect a wallet. For this guide, we are using a Metamask wallet.
  • Once you have selected Metamask, you will need to follow a series of steps within the Metamask Browser Extension:
    • Connect to your account.
    • Allow this site to add a network.
    • Allow this site to switch next.
  • This will take you to your Moonbeam Dashboard.

Step 2 – Choose the Blockdaemon Collator

  • Click the Manage delegations in your Moonbean Dashboard.
  • This will take you to the Staking area of your Moonbeam Dashboard.
  • Click the Select a collator button.
  • This will open the list of collators.
  • Enter Blockdaemon in the Search for a Collator field.
  • This will display the Blockdaemon Collator details.
  • Click on BLOCKDAEMON in the Collator column.
  • This will take you back to the Staking area of your Moonbeam Dashboard, with Blockdaemon as your chosen collator.

Step 3 – Set Your Delegation Amount

  • Enter the amount of GLMR you want to stake in the Amount field.
  • Click the Delegate button.
  • This will open your Metamask wallet browser extension.

Step 4 – Confirm Your Delegation

  • Check the fees and transaction total within Metamask.
  • If you are happy to delegate your GLMR to Blockdaemon, click the Confirm button.
  • This will take a few seconds to process, once confirmed your Metamask wallet will be updated with your new balance.

Congratulations. You are now participating in the Moonbeam network. :confetti-ball:

Step 5 – View Your Staked GLMR (Optional)

  • You can now view your staked GLMR on your Moonbeam Dashboard.

Check out our Moonbeam (GLMR) staking walkthrough video.

Interested in running your own Moonbeam Collator? Send us a message to get started.